Video Promotion

Thank you for being interested in our video promotion. You have 2 options to choose from.

Option One:

Tell us about you, your story and/or what you do.

Option Two:

Submit a video that empowers women – advertisement, product, how-to, inspirational or an interview.

Here are the instructions:

Videos must be less than 5 minutes in length for file size purposes and must adhere to our guidelines. Once you have created your video – you can upload the video to our Dropbox.

Create a Folder on YOUR device, i.e., laptop, computer, phone, tablet – if you do not know how to create a folder on your own device – google “how to create a folder on” (fill in the blank with the device you are using) EX: how to create a folder on the computer.

Name the Folder your name so we can identify it.

Put the video you make in that folder along with a Word document that has the following: (it must be a word document) You can google how to convert a google doc to a word document.

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Email Address
  • Your website URL
  • Up to 3 social media accounts – include the URL starting with the https. If you send us just @username – your files will automatically be deleted. Our staff is not going to look for your account. They need the full URL/link. We will place your video on these accounts so you can cross promote.
  • A short bio 65-100 words

Your Photo
Place in the Folder a Headshot of you – DO NOT EMBED THE PHOTO IN THE WORD DOCUMENT

Place the photo, video and word document in the Folder you created.

Upload your Folder to our Dropbox: Click on the option – UPLOAD A FOLDER

Dropbox link:

If you are choosing Option one, download the files promotion outline AND best filming practices. For Option Two – download the best filming practices. Please be aware that the promotion outline is generic to our company ICE MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT – feel free to change your verbiage to Include mentioning Women’s Quarterly Magazine.

Participants must be following us on social media to apply and actively engaging with our posts. Our Team will verify.


We reserve the right to not accept any entry that does not adhere to our requirements or content that does not reflect our brand.